Expedite the economic, cultural and social development of ACP States

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Ind Revol:Consq:-Social:creation of proletariat(society of classes),Increase of population→urbanization.-Cultural: Science→new inventions,Art→change from romanticism to realism.-Political:State will not be in control of economic activities.Industrialized countries will gain political importance.Labour movement.-Economic:Development of capitalism,Activities of developed by technology industry,Level of development of countries will depend on degree of development of industry.Labour mov:first,Some workers turned to more violent forms of protest.The luddities,were a group of workers from the textile ind who destroyed machinery&mills in protest of the mechanisation of their traditional trade.Socialism:abolish private property,which they believed to be the cause of class division.Proposed a revol led by Socialist Party,that give the working class the power.They would impos a gtransitional proletariat dictatorship to organise a classless society in which property would be collective.Economy most import dictatorship,common vuelfare.Anarchism:agains any form of goverment,Individual freedom,Abolition of private property &religion,Revolution of working class.En comun:abolish religion&private property,Classless society,Revolution of working class

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