Expedite the economic, cultural and social development of ACP States

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A state is an organized political community under one government. Elements: citizens, territory, laws, branches of government (legislative, judicial, excutive) Functions: international relations, national security, economic well-being, social services. State institutions: head of state, government (excutive), parliament (legislative), Courts of justice, regional and local administrations (organized and govern the territorial subdivisions)  Classification of local administration: democracy – dictatorship. International relations between states: political (cooperation), economic (trade agreements), military (alliances between countries), cultural (agreements). European parliament: functions: represents the citizens, approves the laws and budget, controls the European commission. Members: members of the European commission.  European commission: excutive power, promotes the interest of the EU, proposes new laws, manages policies, alliances, enforces the EU.  Members: commission from each EU country.

Council of the EU: represents the governments, coordinates the EU economic policies, approves EU laws, signs international agreements. Members: ministers from each EU state. European council: defines generals political guidelines and priorities of the EU. Members: head of state or the governments from the EU. Other institutions: Court of justice of the European Union: (judicial power, made up the judges.) European court of auditors (checks that the EU funds are correctly raised) security European central bank: manages the euro. Made up of a president vice-president and the governors. 9th may 1950 created an organization presented by Robert Schuman. 1951 European Coal and Steel community. 1957 treaties of Rome, establish the European Economic Community and the European atomic (economic policies for member countries, new laws created, free movements) 1993 Maastricht Treaty came into force, the European Economic Community became the European Union.  2002 the euro come into circulation. 1957 the EU grown from 6 members to 28. Spain joined in 1986. 2009 the Treaty of Lisbon came into force.

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