Expedite the economic, cultural and social development of ACP States

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Development: is a multidimensional process. Political leadership (long term vision, economic devel. As priority, huge intervention) / Investment led growth (foster macroecon stability, stimulate private investment, business friendly environment) / Economic modernisation (rural development, industrialisation by c.Advantage, public investment) / Export orientation (specialisation, currency devaluation, public incentives) / Sociocultural initial conditions (human capital, social capital, equal distribution income & wealth)

Hofstede culture dimensions: power distance, individualism vs collectivism, masc. Vs. Fem, uncertainty avoidance, long term vs short term. Schwartz Value theory: values are beliefs that affect behaviour: opens to change, self-transcendence, conservation, self-enhancement (active & dormant). 

Culture in economic development analysis: development as freedom (Sen) / culture as preferences (Williamson) / Value system as cultural unit of analysis (Hofstede). Valuenomics! Local value system: socioeconomic context (d.Constraints, e.Activities (vulnerable), consumption patterns, d.Suports (potential resources)) , cultural dimensions, values and agency. 

Strategy + organisation: increase profitability (% return inversion): add value, lower costs / profit growth (% increase net profits): sell more in markets, expand internationally). 

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