Expressing obligation,absence of obligation,advice

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ABILITY: Can, could, will be able to/ PERMISSION: Can, could, may...? / OBLIGATION: Must (obligación del hablante) o Have to (Obligación de fuera), Had to, Will have to./NO OBLIGATION: Needn´t (del hablante) o don´t have to-don´t needn´t to (de fuera), Needn´t have + 3C o didn´t have-need to. / POSSIBILITY:May-Might,May-Might +3C./DECUCTION: Present affirmative:Must, Present negative:Can´t, Past a:Must + hace + 3C, Past n:Can´t + have + 3C/ PROHIBITION:Mustn´t, was-were forbidden to./ ADVICE: Should-ought to + infinitivo sin to, should-ought to + have + 3C.

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