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pantomime. show in which actors, without making use of the word express actions through gestures, movements and attitudes of the body. The mime is purely emotional expression and pantomime the expression of specific ideas. Advantages and disadvantages of the pantomime: V: Use universal language. Pa is a means to convey instruction. Develops imagination and creativity. Good for developing ministry with the deaf. DES : Not all issues can be represented. Require much imagination to develop them .. The role of teacher. Will have a catalytic rolein student learning, aware of the learning process and the variables that may be subject. They are: 1. cts have needed to pass. 2. have the ability to structure. 3. able to use, teaching and methodological procedures that facilitate the assimilation of learning. The professor is the authority of the class, in others, should favor the autonomy of each student. meet two requirements: - Achieving a significant learning .- Encourage the student. pa practical teaching methods. We look to the "proof" when the proposed tasks require visual information from the teacher, pupil. We look to the "mutual learning" introducing the partner in the role of observer. "solving problems" used when referring to thematic content open motor tasks will stimulate students in decision-making mechanisms. to achieve the goals is: ct's own body, expression, communication, use of "guided discovery".

Necessity of the Teaching of CHD. "Didactics" "the scientific study of the organization of learning situations experienced by a" learner ". The teacher responsible for the planning of learning situations pa achieve desired objectives. EF = the teacher of mov. Framework Taxonomic. "science which studies the laws of the classification of simple elements arranged in the motor action. Taxonomy classify objects half pa (Pieron 1988). Bloom's taxonomy: 1) The teaching principle 2) The princ psicológico3) The lógico4 princ) The main objective. Benilde Vázquez (1989) taxonomy based on biomechanics, neurophysiology and based on theories of motor learning and psychomotor based on the neurophysiology human mov neurophysiological characteristics and level of organization. Guilford (1958), Konorski (1969) establish a criterion of evolutionary rate in the appearance of movement. Nonverbal communication behaviors in 3lugar: Mime. Gestures. E C. Taxo built using motor learning theories Simpson (1966-67), A. Jewett (1974), Alvarez Manila (1971), Sánchez Bañuelos (1984). No reference to mov expressive. "Psychomotor domain Taxo" A. Harrow (1972), Jacqueline Gangey (1986). Hierarchy of human movements, since + simple reflection, to + complex, the mov creative, most distinctly human.The taxonomy of A. Harrow is in parallel between Bloom uses the criterion of increasing complexity as the basis for management of mov, and the Kibler as it takes into account the basic evolutionary approach to all educational activities. This expressive and interpretive movement presupposes a mastery of movement.

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