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Couplet: two lines of the same or different cçomputo, that rhyme si.Terceto: three lines of high art, Normalment, BCB ... Quartet: 4 versos de arte mayor rhyming ABBA ... Serventesio: 4 versos de arte mayor rhyming ABAB ... Redondilla: 4 lines of minor art conrima abba ... Quatrain: 4 minor art verses rhyming abab ... Quintilla: 5 eight-syllable verses, rhyming ababa, Abaab, Ababa, aabab, AABB .. . Lira: 2 convinación hendecasyllable (2.5) and 3 seven-syllable, rhyming aBabB ... sextuplet: 6 lines with several minor art of rhyme posivilidades: aabaab, abcabc, ababab ... Copla art major: 8 lines more art ... Eighth ABBAACCA rhyming real: 8 hendecasyllable ABABABCC rhyming ... Tenth: 10 octosyllabic into 2 quatrains together for 2 verses liaison abbaaccddc ... Carol: written in eight syllable or six syllable, consists of estrivillo one (2 or 4versos), repeated in part or in whole, in the poem, and one or several feet. The letrilla content is a variant of burlesque or sarcastic ... Zejel: Consists of a estrivillo (2versos) and a move called the second stanza, consisting of 3 lines but monorrimos quarter called back line, which rhymes with ... estrivillo Sonnet: 14 hendecasyllable grouped into 2 quartets and two triplets, rhyming ABBA ABBA CDC CDC ... Romance: a limited series of verses, usually eight syllable. The rhyme is often assonance in lines pairs

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