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Hi eli   -what's up? I'm writing because I have had a great idea and you are on. -I told you that my parents are going on holiday to New York this summer. Well, why don't you come with us? I know you have never been abroad before, it'll be boring for me to alone with my family. In addition you'll only have to pay for your plane fare because my parents have booked a hotel and there's plenty of space! -We'll be staying in Five Avenue for three weeks. My parents are going to hire a car and go sightseing all over the Five Avenue. If we don't feel like going with them, we can spend the day at the 14th street and we could explore the shops.We'll have a fantastic time! I'm sure - I can't wait to hear what you decide. Write soon! Love, Alejandro/

-Millions of consumers today buy imitation designer fashions in oreder to look trendy. Some people say that this is dishonest, and should be stopped so as not to harm the fashion industry. In my opinion, however, buying fake designer fashion is not wrong. -First of all, I believe that the high price of designer fashions is not justified. It doesn't really cost $500 to manufacture a bag or pair jeans, so fashion companies make a huge profit. If the originals were not so expensive, there would be no market for fakes. -In addition, fashion companies still make millions of dollars. For example, a certain Louis Vuitton bag earned than $200 million in the year! These companies aren't losing customers, since the people who buy imitations could never afford the real thing. - As I see it, cunsumers shouldn't worry about whether it's right to buy imitation fashion. They should simply enjoy it./
Logan is a drama, action and adventure film directed by James Mangold. This is a film from Unites States and the last one of the trilogy to wolverine. It is about wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and teacher x (Patrick Stewart) who are x-men. Besides they escape to search a safe place. They are searched by the police due to these men are mutants. -This is an epic film which has everytopic like history and racism, action and war. As well as it's got beautiful scenery. Both Patrick Stewart give brilliant performance, but the real star is Hugh Jackman, who has to fight against the police to get escaped to safe place. -In my opinion, Logan is a film well worth seeing. Just sit back and relax for this larger than life experience.

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