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the colonisation of the Americas (political organisation)

- casa de Contratación - permision to exploit and trade with the americas through the capitulations.

- el consejo de Indias - experts who advised the monarch about matters related with the American possesions

- viceroyalties - acted as the king representatives and held absolute political authority in the Americas

- audiencias - acted as courts of justice and carried out government functions

in Atlantic Protestant Europe, bourgeois traders prospered through the craft and trade industries, became more powerful and gained acces to political positions.

in Southern Catholic Europe, th eeconomy barely recovered. Nobility and clergy mantained their positions, continued to reyect the craft and trade industries.

spanish society

- the higher nobility maintained their power and social sominance.

- the lower impoverished nobility, the hidalgos, maintained priviledges enjoyed by their social group (not paying taxes), although they didnt have any assets.

the percheros consisted of the bourgeoisie, the poor and the peasants.

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