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1. Is your best friend going to visit you in an hour? Yes, he is.
2. When are you going to have a party?
 I am going to have a party tonight.
3. Where are the students going to sail?
They are going to sail to Ireland.


1. Was there much sugar for breakfast?
2. There weren,t many computers at el Corte Inglés.
3. There are few cars in the car park .
4. There are a lot of monkeys in the jungle.
5. There is a little beer in the glass


1. If it isn´t very cold, I will walk in the park.
2. If she arrives home late, her parents will punish her.
3. It it rains tomorrow we won´t go on a picnic.
4. If I don´t exercise, I won´t feel healthy.


1. Will there be many football matches on TV this week
No, there won´t.
2. There won´t be enough rescue teams because of the crisis.
3. There will be a lot of money at the bank.
4. Will there be space for all my family in the car?
5. There won´t be enough sugar at the supermarket.


1. It is cloudy. It is going to rain!
2. Is your father going to buy a new jacket?


1. How much oil is there in the bottle?
2. How many wild animals are there in the jungle?
3. How much money have you got?


1. If he sings, his sister will play the guitar.
2. You won´t have money if you don´t work.
3. If I understand the `problem, I will solve it.
4. He will ride a camel if he goes to the dessert.
5. If it rains, they won´t go to the beach.

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