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Name each taxon In the Linnaean system of classification, from most general to most specific.

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and species.

How is a Scientific name similar to an address that includes a city and state?

It tells a very Specific thing and it’s universal.

Main parts of Typicall virus

the capsid: Contains the dna or rna

Viral envelope: Is made of fatty lipid moleculles

Surface Proteins: helps to regnice and bind to cell in the host organism

Genetic Material: dna or rna

bacilli- cocci- Spirilli

Than bacteria Which are rarely to be seen in those harsh conditions on which Archaea can Thrive.

Archaebacterial are found in extreme environments such as hot boiling Water and thermal vents under conditions with no oxygen or highly acid Environments.

EUBACTERIA kingdom they are the kinds found everywhere and are The ones people are most familiar with. Of fermentation

Fungi are organisms that once confused with plants, however, unlike plants, fungi cannot make their own food.   Most Obtain their food from parts of plants.

Protist include all microscopic organisms that are not bacteria, not animals, Not plants and not fungi. Not classified in the Archaebacterial or Eubacteria Kingdoms.

It is because, Unlike bacteria, protists are complex cells. 

Viruses They dont have the capacity of growin and reproduce outside of a body. Viruses have a Reputation for being the cause of contagion. Widespread events of disease and Death have no doubt bolstered such a reputation.

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