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The Vietnam War

The Communist forces of North Vietnam supported by China and the Soviet Union and the non-Communist forces of South Vietnam supported by the United States resulted in war.

War protest

Took many forms; had many reasons. Some objected to draft,other to war in any form, others to imperialism, others to cost.

The counterculture

Anti-establishment movement that symbolized the youthful social upheaval of the 1960s. Ridiculing traditional attitudes toward such matters as clothing, hair styles, and sexuality, the counterculture urged a more open and less regimented approach to daily life.

Withdrawal from Vietnam

Nixon negotiated with Vietnamese in Paris to end war.
signed a treaty in Moscow to end the war

Stalemate and cease fire

January 27,1973 confirmed U.S withdrawal from Vietnam

Watergate and Nixon

Watergate- a scandal from Nixon administration'a to attempt to coverup it's involvement in the 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate apartment complex.

Nixon's resignation

There was enough information that the president was guilty so they were going to impeach him but instead of them impeaching him he resigned.

Iranian hostage crisis

In 1979, Iranian fundamentalists seized the American embassy in Tehran and held fifty-three American diplomats hostage for over a year. The Iranian hostage crisis weaked the Carter presidency; the hostages were finally released on January 20, 1981, the day Ronald Reagan became president.

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