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That's right. I'm the  of the institute, which means, well, basically, it means I do everything. I mean, I  the equipment, but apart from that I, well, I have to ,  new staff, conduct , and so on. And obviously, as this is a nuclear research institute,  is like, big big news, so I have to check all the health and safety procedures on a very regular basis. But, of course, I'm not a , so I don't actually have to  for radioactive material, or anything like that. And obviously, I'm , so I don't have to go out to  markets and sell our ideas or, I don't know... Is that what you want to know?

-Marta Rodríguez
-It was founded in 1978
-It's a family-owned business
-Approximately 2000
-The deliver good twice a week
-Yes, they have opportunities in all areas of their business if you are ambitious and fashion conscious
-If you're ambitious and fashion conscious they have opportunities in all areas of the business

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