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NEW FAST FOOD PLCES IN GANDIA: 1parrafo:Lately have been installed several fast food places in gandia.Both places sell hamburguers,but one of the two sell more things.2par:I am talking about The Good Burguer and The Fitzgerald Burguer company.If you want a cheaper menu you will go to the Good Burguer,but if you dont mind pay a little more for a good beef burguer, The Fitz C. It's your place.3p:The Good Burguer,wich hace the best burguer in price-performance relation,  it's in the shopping centre "La Vital" in Gandia.And the Fitz c. It's on the historic centre of Gandia.4p:Many people who prefer FItz burguers say that the hamburguers that are sold in TGB are not good. I don't think so but... Just go and see for yourself!

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