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Motivated Sequence Outline: Chick-fil-a is the best chicken-based fast food Option available:

Gain Attention:

·Dramatic story of Waking up hungry on a Saturday afternoon

·Friday night of Heavy drinking

·Low on money (only $10)

·Don’t want to Deal with rude people

·Don’t want to eat McDonalds

·Want chicken

Establish Need:

·Over 50 different Fast food chains in the country.

·Questionable ingredient Sourcing.

oBurger King’s Horse meat scandal.

oSubway’s chicken Scandal

·Sub-par customer Service at most fast food restaurants.

·Lacking whole Meal experiences

oKFC has great Chicken, but that’s it.

·Inconsistency With different locations

oLa Granja


·Chick-fil-A Delivers great quality food

oHigh quality standards (No Antibiotics Ever campaign for 2019)

·Whole meal Experience

oWaffle fries

oFresh squeezed Lemonade

oDelicious dipping Sauces with varied options

oHand-spun milkshakes

·Excellent Customer service

oCustomers Choice Awards

oThe Glassdoor Employee Choice Awards

·Consistent reliability

·Address counter Arguments

oThey only serve Chicken

oMedium-high price Range for a fast food restaurant

oKnown anti-gay Scandal from the CEO


·Finally decide to Go to Chick-fil-A

·Order a Deluxe Chicken Sandwich, side order of waffle fries, some chick-fil-a sauce and Polynesian Sauce, and a cookies and cream milkshake. $8.69 is your total.

·The meal is fantastic, And the employees are very friendly.

·Chick-fil-a Delivers a satisfying meal experience that other fast food chains can’t compete With.

Call to Action

·Go try it for Yourself. And if you have, go try something on the menu that you don’t usually Get.

·No need for the Previous circumstances.

·Chick-fil-A Always delivers.

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