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Describe bleedingfrom an artery and a vein

arterial bleeding=less likely to clot.The blood goes out like the heart beat.
venous bleeding=bloof from a vein flows steadilly or gushes.
easier to control than arterial bleeding.Most vein collapse when cut
Describe heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Which is the most severe?
heat exhaustion:characterized bye heavy perspiration with normal
or above-normal body temperature.Symptoms:thirst,fatigue,fast heard rate.. 
heat stroke:extremely hot skin when touched.Altered mental status ranging
from slight confusion,agitation and disorentation tu unresponsiveness.
heat stroke is more severe than heat exhaustion.

Describe strains and sprains.
strain:muscle is stretched beyond its normal range of motion and tears
the muscle.Sharp pain in the affected muscle,swelling,weakness..
sprain:a joint is twisted or stretched beyond its normal range of motion.
severe pain,swelling..
list three keys items or information when calling 911.
typo of injury,location,status of the victim,people injured
Reach throw go describes the options for what type of rescuer?
coach,parent,day care provider,driving a care and you have a passenger,
teacher,trainer,big brother,when you are caring of someone,when you are teaching someone,

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