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AF(2countries=45%) 14%pop/3%economy Expl:bad pol and econ inst(lack of state cap, absol and patrim states) + people don't invest (exprop)+govts. Unable/unwilling to prov PG+ role of african internal shocks... Periods: before eu(0-1400:slave trade, -tech), slave trade (1400-1885), colonial (1885-1960), post ind(1960-today) / 60-80(slow growth), 80-95(decline), 95-13(fast growth-growth miracle 95:^growth, -poverty as agr exp prices^), 14-today/slowdown... Ec growth and dec linked price of agr exp(derives from inst), external shocks+inadeq policy resp, change inst->dist of resources+ recent trend in inq...  Slave trade:+instab, collapse, non prod Original extr ints mant for elites(interaction eco&poli inst)... KEY: dist of resources-> -inq->good isnt NOT SUSTAINABLE-> market shocks (inq+gdp+price)

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