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WATER    SAS     GUION      (YO y YOYO)

YO:Hi Im here to invite you to read the book Billi Sure Kid Entrepreneur an entertaining book that you should definitely read that is Sponsored for water SAS.

HEY YOU do you know water SAS

YOYO:No what is that

YO:Is the bbest drink that you wanna see ever.

NO Coca Cola No no no no NO Pepsi NO never

YOYO:BUt why

YO:Because you dont need something more you only need wáter Natural mineral and that is water SAS, test it

YOYO:Okay no problem  (he test it)    Ho   WOW  THAT  IS AMAZING


YO:Now you can see the magic of water sas you Onle need be hydrated no more and in this case the best drink is water SAS keep Hydrated

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