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classroom language, name 5 instructions: Please get into line, Make a circle, Hold hands, Drop hands, Put your hand up. Name 2 clarification and 2 praising expressions. Praising: Well done! That’s a nice picture. Clarification: I don’t understand. Can you repeat, please? Six literary genres in Infant Literature: 

Fables, Songs, Riddles, Tongue twisters, Poems,Tales.
Types of fairy tales. ”Formula” tales, Animal tales, Marvelous tales, Real-life tales. Planning a lesson include different elements: Familiar song to start the classroom, New language, presented in a fun way, A familiar story. Use the mother tongue when teaching a foreign language: Attention Span, Fast Finishers, Routines. 10 clues to read and write: Read to your child, Ask questions, Be a good (reading) example, Identify letters in natural settings, Incorporate multiple domains of development, Classify the Genre, Word Families, Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, Decoding, Sight Words. Recommendations to teach to write our pupils: 3. Proper posture: Some kids are still learning to hold down a piece of paper with one hand while writing with the other. Using an easel can eliminate this problem and also help improve overall technique. Covering letter: Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to apply the position of English teacher, that i saw in an advertisement in the local newspaper.

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