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MODALES:-CAN: habilidad, Tina can run very fast. Peticion informal: Can I stay here for two more weeks?.Posibilidad: she can very rude at times. CAN´T: Imposibilidad: Alice can’t sing very well. Prohibicion: You can’t take your children with you.  Deducción: That can’t be Paul.He is in Ireland!.-COULD:Petición formal:Could you introduce me to your Friends?. Posibilidad:He could meet new people at the party. MAY/MIGHT: posibilidad: I may / might meet her mother tonight. MAY:  peticion formal/permiso:May I ask you a question?. SHOULD: consejo/ opinion: You should / ought to accept Tim’s proporsal. NEED TO: necesidad/obligacion: I need to talk to the boss. HAVE/ HAS TO: necesidad obligacion: Peter has to help her mother in the garden. MUST: obligacion: She must phone her father immediately. MUSN´T: prohibicion:You mustn’t use the pone after midnight. DON´T/ DOESN´T HAVE TO: falta de obligacion\ necesidad: You don’t have to talk about our families. NEEDN´T: falta de obligacion: You needn’t bring anything to my party. WOULD: Ofrecimiento: Would you like to come to the opera with me?

VENTAJAS Y DESVENTAJAS DL TRANSPORTE PUBLICO: ventajas: They do not take up parking space. Public transport is much more efficient than individual transport in terms of energy consumption, The use of public transport is the most ecological and solidarity decision in the case of the displacements within the urban area. Desventajas:It subjects individuals to schedules. He is criticized the rigidity of schedules and routes. Lack of hygiene on many occasions. In many cases, the transport is saturated and you can not have the service.

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