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What do you think of wearable Technology?

Nowadays, almost everybody has got a desk Computer, a laptop and of course, a smart phone, so technology is something we Are used to but, what exactly is wearable technology?

As for as I am concerned, wearable technology Is clearly gadgets you wear on but there are important distinctions. The new Age of wearable tap into the connected self. We’re laden with smart sensors and Make use of a web connection, usually using Bluetooth, to connect wirelessly to Your smart phone.

It is a fact that technology is no longer Just for our desks and pockets. In my view, wearable technology is integrated In many aspects of our lives and it will be used to help you to achieve goals, Such as keeping fit, active, losing weight or being more organised.

Moreover, it can help you. It is now Displayed on our bodies and, not in, the future, it will be part of us. In Addition, in the next years we will see the fast development of wearable Technology.

In conclusion, we must admit that wearable Technology is important because they offer us a more agile way of working, this Technology allows us to be connected with the world news and know what is Happening in real time.

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