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In Spain, some of us are very worried about or private way of dressing. However, In my opinion the people shouldn't criticize it. Personally, I believe that it's better to know a person who dresses well that a person who isn't dressing as well.

Firstly, It is well know that dress well or dress bad doesn't mean that he or she is a bad person or a good person.This action can cause many serious problem in the society.

Secondly, according to a research the inhabitans there is a higher percentage of people who prefer brand clothing unbranded. For example, a person that caught my attentios was de queen Letizia, she said that she preffer unbranded dress because her clothes was dondated by the pooe people

To sum up, I think that I preffer to know a good person that his or her form of dress. In addition I like the action that Letizia realiced

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