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Journalistic language and journalistic SUBGENUS * Char journalistic language: - conciseness: Volume d exos big news is the conciseness q cnd s1rasgo inprescindible trnsmitir en1 is kiere n1tiempo space or fixed l d much information as possible. - Special senses disposition d ls: L subordination a1espacio time or desire dtrminados l l d capture reader or listener interest dl acn ncesaria1especial content disposition d ls ls ls news articles periodisticos.En data d s show greater interest n1lugar and scundarios aspects cntinuacion d lanoticia (structura inverted pyramid) - Tndencia the cliché: L own urgency qs write journalistic texts, along d cn search conciseness, encourages the creation d cn language tendency to cliché, d use cliches, trite metaphors and topics. This one cnsttuye tods ls dfecto marked by style manuals. --Sencilla.Orden logical syntax: Employment d short sentences and simple d1léxico facilitates understanding texts periodísticos.Ls d ls various elements of prayer dbn star prepared following the logical order: subject, verb, object. - Objtividad: Toa information should be treated as objectively cn. L presence d preposed adjectives or value is 1 symptom unequivocal d d subjectivism in the treatment of such information, tmbn cm is the presence od d pronouns verb forms in 1st person. M any q authors claim pure objectivity does not exist, nor can there NNCAE n d ls mdios journalistic communication .///* Subgenres: There are 6 basic journalistic subgenera, four of them so-called d information: news, reports, interview and the interview; 2d and q are the d dnominan opinion: the column and the editorial. * The news:T he news is an article reporting d q d interest a fact recently occurred. Cnstituye the primary focus of news reporting and gender periodismo.Dos basic characteristics distinguish the news d other journalistic genres aimed at informing tmbn: brevity and objectivity. The end d the news report is another q d 1 event without adding analysis od d nngún type comment. So the brevity and conciseness are essential when writing a story. The wording has d d news accurately adjusted to cn ls events. The author should limit the reporting objectively, without letting his opinion or his attitude to what he narrates. Hay q d avoid using adjectives denoting q subjectivity, especially ls ls preposed and personal pronouns or verbs en1persona. Q use sentences are clear, simple and brief.

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