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AN EMAIL GIVING ADVICE (150-170 words)

Hi Ahmed,

I have read your email on  www.Goodhealth.Com Website, and I hope I can help you to have a better life.

Sorry to Hear you had health problems during The winter. I had a similar experience with Breathing problems five years ago. Every winter I had got a headache and I Had high temperature too. I worked a lot of hours a day at a bank and I                                                                                              was Not doing any exercise. After that, I Went to the doctor for a visitsurgery. He said, “you’re asmatic and you have to do some activity or exercise Once a week.

Firstly, I Recommended you to get a vaccine flu, I’m felt Better. Then, why don’t you try to Do any outdoor sport? Like walking or fishing, two times a week if it is Possible, it’s very healthy and relaxing . Your greatest problem  is that you aren’t sleeping about eight Hours at night because you work a Lot. I think you should has a quieter Life. Don’t forget to eat vegetables, fruit, blue fish and mineral water and I Think it’s a good idea to hire a Food monitor to help you.

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