Non ferrous alloys

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2)vocavulary: dimenisons chart: dimension, big dimension, small dim. Height hight low/depht deep shallow/ width wide narrow/ length long short/ strength strong weak/ thickness thick thin

production1 inproved quality control/paper is an industrial process/ is the basic raw material/ increased productivity levels/ the large.. Store finished product/ large.. Use asembly lines/ the company.. Into large scale manufacturing/ the manufacturin.. Of the production manager//////// complete: known a a batch/ is to a assemble /inputs to outputs/ is knows as apurchasing/ is calles a component/ is to optimize// testua: we arfe making good progress with the new factory site layout fixtures equipment machinery workshops.. The presetn machinery. Breakdowns repair mantain stock faulty

PORDUCTON2 correct anser 1downtime 2prototype 3set up time 4schedule 5work in progress 6lot/// mach the words: workload the amout, workforce all the people 3back order an order fom 4 material flow the movement 5throughput the volume 6output the  volume.. Whick are produced 7cycle the series 8 requirement something

MATERIAL TYPE: carbon is an non metal/ copper us a non ferrous/ aluminum common metal/ steel is a widely udes ferrous/ although it is udes.. Non metallic/ aluminium is.. Metallic/// true or false: the elements T/ alloys are (mixtures)F/ alloys can containT/ in an alloy, (bigest=smallest)F/ steel is an /metallic=alloy)F/// Testua: reinforced concrete is one..2reninforce 3 reinforment 4reinforcing 5reinforced/// element: iron oxigen/ compound: iron oxide water/ ally: steel// composite: reinforced concrete

NON FERROUS MAT: duralumin is an aluminiun ally ..Magnesium/ titanimum.. Has a high.. Aluminium/ zinc acan be mixed with copper.. Brass/ copper can be mixed with tin.. Bronze/ gold rests corrosion silver./// metal elements: copper gold zinc silver magnesium, titanium tin aluminium lead, alloys: bronze brass, presious metals: gols, silver.// check that there is sufficient electrolyte.. Plated,,, ensure that.. Negative.. Electroplating.. Cathode,,,,, ensure that the metal.. Galvanazing positive anode

ENERGY1:  chemical energy: stored within/ kinetic mechanical energ/ strain=potential energy, useful= energy converted to the form required, wasted= energy converted..., light= the form of energu tha shines, sound= the form.., thermal energu that results//// testua: an electric locomotuve ...1 poweres 2source... Firstly ¡, an electric. 3gain 4 work 5joules 6 power 7wattage 8powerful 9efficiency 10electrical 11conver 12 form... In a diesel... 14 stored 15thermal 16knetic 17efficient 18useful 19 disipated 20 waste

ENERGY2: true flase: steel is an ally T, mild steel F low, alloy steels contain carbon T, choromium T, loy alloy F, stainless T, tugstenF,hig speed T// verb,noun, adjetive= corrode,corrosion, sorreded/ oxidize,oxidation,oxidized/ sust edo go rusty, rust, rusty//1when steel is exposed.. It goes rusty 2 abrown..Oixide 3the sthength corroded//// weathering steel: the perennal problem 1steel 2corrodes 3grade 4corrosion 5stainless 6chromium.. There is, however.. 7rusty 8oxide 9iron

TRAVEL AND TOURISM:1 he was in dubai(cut down=short) 2we're goin,,(parcel holyday=packafe holyday) 3 ehat was your(travel=trip) 4we never bother( take on travel insurance=take out traver insurane) 5 i think backpackingT 6ehat time(setting away=setting off) 7the resort( touristic=touristy) 8in winterT 9our hotel is up (off bitten track= off the beaten track) 10 guided trips=guided tours 11there are two(stayover=stopver) 12 the vewsT 13 have you seen (cheap cost..Low cost) 14 were going to have( out out..Put off) 15 i think (overstated..Overated) 16 is it cheaperT 17 last year we (went to a safari-- went on) 18 the town is very( lifely..Lively) 19 fliyingT 20 its used to beT

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