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Chapter 1.. 1 He said that the policeman hadn´t found anything on the beach. He was treating her like a little girl, and Linda was starting to get angry. 2. She saw a woman with red , curly hair. She was lying with her face in the water. Her clothes were wet. Linda touched her, but she didn´t move. 3. She ran to get help. There wasn´t anybody else on the beach and she didn´t have Her mobile phone with her to call the plice. 4. He sent a policeman to the crime scene and he found nothing. There was no Report of a missing person. Chapter 2. 1. Linda walked out into the middle of the road right in front of his bike: She was Thinking about something and she wasn´t looking where she was going. 2. She didn´t know if he would believe her or if he would think she was crazy, like The policeman had done. 3. He couldn´t believe it. It was an exciting story for their little village. 4. They should meet at the teahouse at 6 o´clock and then Linda can show him the Place where she found the body on the beach and they can look for clues. Chapter 3 1. There were Linda´s small footprints and three other sets of bigger footprints. 2. A big black rubbish bag was suddenly thrown into the sea from somewhere high Above them. They saw a man moving across the cliff top. 3. She noticed that the part of the beach where they had been sitting was Completely hidden. If somebody threw the rubbish bag from there, they had no Idea mark and Linda were on the beach watching them. Chapter 4 1. In the first bag was the dead body of a small dog. In the second bag they found a Lot of paper with the same signature repeated over and over again. There were a Few books, some pieces of heavy metal, old horseshoes and some big stones. 2. She could pretend that she was researching historical houses and ask to visit the Mansion. 3. Mrs Landsman Lived in the mansion and she owned Mark´s father´s house. 4. She was interested in Mark and she wanted him to like her. Chapter 5 1. She had dyed blonde hair. Although she was clearly over fifty, she was dressed In tight jeans, a blue designer T-shirt and short leather jacket. 2. She was Julia´s older sister, Florence. She married Jack Landsman, a rich Banker, and they had always lived in Carlsbrook Mansion. 3. She had done only a little work in tv, and a few adverts, but she had not been in A film for ten years. 4. Since the death of her husband, Florence didn´t go out a lot. She didn´t like Seeing people, and she rarely came down from her room. Chapter 6 1. She brought three cups of different sizes. There was a packet of biscuits on top Of the cups. She opened the packet of biscuits and left them on the table. She Didn´t bring a plate. 2. The black rubbish bags were gone, but the ground and the grass were as flat as if Something heavy had been dragged over, 3. He was dressed in fashionable clothes, more appropiate for an office than for Stables. He wore dark sunglasses. 4. They found out about a mysterious sister, a maid who wasn´t experienced at Serving tea and biscuits, a man dressed in business clothes but responsible for The gardens, and some “secret” stables. Chapter 7 1. She returned to London with her parents for her father´s book launch. 2. Mrs landsman asked him to prepare some legal documents. Linda and mark Could go with him and they might find some important evidence this time. 3. They notices a nice clean smell and the place looked extremely tidy. 4. She was wearing a white, fluffy sweater, a long black skirt and dark glasses. Her Hair was red and curly – just like the hair of the dead woman Linda had found on The beach!Chapter 8 1. She´s giving her sister a lot of control over her money. She won´t be able to Make any legal decisions in the future, without Julia´s signature. 2. Linda noticed that she didn´t check any of the documents, but signed in all the Correct places. 3. He noticed that the two sisters were never present at the same time. 4. There were other suspicious things during the visit: Florence was wearing dark Glasses inside the house and there was Florence´s white fluff on Julia´s black Trousers. Chapter 9 1. There was great excitement in the village when there was an announcement that A film was going to be make at Carlsbrook Mansion. 2. Linda and Mark were surprised when they saw Edward because he was Introduced as the film director and Cindy was wearing smart clothes and she was Responsible for the casting. Both were important people, not servants at the Mansion. 3. He said that Mr and Mrs Landsmark used to go to church regularly. They even Sometimes brought their dog, Fifi. Since Mr. Landsmark´s death, he hadn´t seen Her anymore. 4. Because the story was about a rich and successful woman who comes back to Her small village. Chapter 10 1. The villagers were asked to be themselves, playing normal people from the Village. 2. They got into the mansion through a side door which was half –opened as Nobody was looking during the lunch break. Linda suggested going to Mrs Landsmark´s bedroom. 3. They went to Mrs Landsmark´s bedroom. They found a very elegant bedroom With dark green walls and dark green carpet. There was a green, marble table Under the window with lots of make-up, a pair of sunglasses and a polystyrene Head with a curly red wig on it. They also found the clothes the fake Mrs Landsmark was wearing when she signed the documents. 4. That was the evidence that Julia was pretending to be her sister. They realised That Forence was dead . It was her dead body what Linda found on the beach. Chapter 11 1. Because Julia needed money to restart her career and her sister, Florence, Wouldn´t give her the money. 2. She was sure because she saw photos of Forence when she was young and she Had the same curly hair. 3. He thought Julia with edward´s help could have taken the body up the steps From the beach to their garden and kept it in the stables until evening. They had Seen marks on the ground. Then they could have thrown it to the sea. 4. The signatures were Julia´s who had to play the part of her sister and that way Get all Florence´s money. The dog was very close to Florence so they had to get Rid of it. It could have attacked the killers or it could have reacted badly to Julia When she pretended to be Florence. Chapter 121. She was going to organised Mrs Landsmark death again. 2. She took a out a bottle of red liquid. She poured fake blood on her a pushed over Some ornaments to create a violent scene. Then she went to the window and Shouted for help. The people who were in the garden having a coffee break Looked up . 3. Mark had to call the police on his mobile phone. 4. When Julia said: “That´s impossible”. Linda and Mark understood that Florence Couldn´t have been murdered because she was already dead. She had killed her. Chapter 13 1. Linda emptied her bag in front of the police. Inside were the make-up, a red wig, Dark glasses, clothes and some pieces of paper with signatures. 2. Edward and Julia were in the Range rover. 3. They found Florence´s dead body in a black rubbish bag . 4. They were disappointed because their testimony was not necessary. 5. Julia received a life sentence for premeditated murder. Edward was given five Years in prison as an accomplice and for disposing the body. Cindy was given Community service.

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