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EJERCICIOS 3-starbuck ahab ishma

1-How Did the men feel about the final hunt for Moby Dick?

-The Men felt terrified and fell into the water

2-How Does Ahab respond to Starbuck´s warning?

-He Says that it is not easy to catch the whale

3-What Did the sailor and he carpenter do all night after the first attack On Moby Dick?

-They Were repairing the boat

4-Why Does Ahab want to shake Starbuck hand again?

-Because He was afraid of not seeing him again.

5-What Happened to the men in Ahab´s boat on the third day?

-They Saw the whale

6-How Did Ishmael survive for one day after the other sailors died?

-He Survived thanks to Kwee-Kweg´s wooden box


1-Why Did Captain Ahab want to speak to Captain Boomer?

-Because Captain Ahab wanted to ask him about Moby Dick

2-What Did Moby Dick have in his tail ?Why?

-Moby Dick had harpoons in his tail.Because they were Ahab´s harpoons

3-What Is Captain Boomer´s attitude towards Moby Dick?

-He Was scared of Moby Dick because he thought he was dangerous

4-Kwee-Kweg Made a strange request.What was it?

-The Strange resquest is to build a woodern box for him

5-Why Is Pip sad?

-Because Little Pip thinks that Kwee-Kweg has died

6-In The end,Kwee-Kweg didn´t die.How does he explain this to Ishmael?

-Because he said “no fever can Kill me” 

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