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To: joseguerrero@gmail,com

From: daniel@email.Com
Subject: quote for office equipment
Dear Mr jose,
thank you for your recent request regarding prices for office equipment. Our princes are as follows.2. Colour photocopier-E15,000..1. Scanner-E55,00...2.Projeccitors-1,070...1.Shredder...E180..20.Packets of large envelopes-E18...20.Boxes os paper for printer-E90... AS a mew customer, we are offering you a discount of 15% on these prices. The good will be sent to your offices by express delivery, as requested. The payment terms outlined in your request for a qoute are aceeptable to us, if you confirm your order within the next 24 hours, we will be able to send the goods on wednesday, 30th june.
we look forward to doing business with you.
jose guerrero

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