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The tower agbar is the highest building in Barcelona. The Materials used in the construction of the building are, on the one hand, Concrete  which the structure of the Tower,was maded,and on the other hand aluminium and glass which cover the tower On the outside Of this tower I like that represents a water fountain that Constantly changes its apareance. Depending on the incidence of light, the Tower changes its colours. The Tower Agbar now is a hotel, also, several Restaurants will be opened in the building and the observation deck will then Be accesible to the public. It's a beautiful landmark but they have wasted a Lot of money in that tower on unnecessary things, like putting so many rooms, When that money could have been spent on other more important things. I Recommend going to see It because, at least for me transmits a lot of life , With so much color and I think it's very beautiful

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