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1Tickthe sentences that are Logical1 My watch is waterproof so can’t go In the sea with it 2 You can help yourself to more food. You don’t have to wait to be served 3 The crowd cheered during the Performance. They thought the singer was terrible 4 This singer is famous worldwide. She Has fans in many countries 5 The student’s attendance is very low. He comes to every lesson 6 I just deleted the document. Now I Will have to rewrite it 7There isn’t enough awareness of Environmental issues. Everyone knows about them 8 Wendy is infatuated with Dan. She Can’t stop thinking about him Tick the following: 2, 4, 6, 8 2 Replace the words in Bold with a suitable word or expression below. There are more words than you Need. Make any necessary changes1 He works many hours round the clock 2 John’s parents limit the number of hours he can spend on The Internetrestrict 3 You should continue working on the project carry on 4 Jim’s behaviour is very strange weird 5 Occasionally, I eat out at an Indian restaurant Every once in a while 6 This program is very easy to use user-friendly 7 He had a great idea came up with 8 This technology is state of the art cutting edge 9 It is great that my sister lives close nearby 10 I think I ate too much overate 11 The trip was very long journey 12 It’s not surprising you’re tired. You Didn’t sleep last night No wonder 3 Use one word that Includes a prefix to complete the second sentence. The second sentence should Have the same meaning as the first1.Only one person needs to read this document... It´s unnecessary for everyone to read this Document. 2.Humans are not able to fly... It´s impossible for humans to fly 3.Jackie’s child doesn’t behave well... Jackie’s child always misbehaves 4.I can’t open the door with the key...I can’t unlock the door 5.What you did was against the Law... What you did was illegal 1 Form sentences by Combining A and B and adding a relative pronoun. Make any necessary changes1.C – This is my boyfriend, who I met at Dan’s Party.

      2.   b – I really enjoyed the film which / that I saw last week.

      3.   e – I will call you at 8, when I get up.

      4.   f – The actress whose photograph is on my wall just won an Oscar.

      5.   a – I can’t remember the name of the book which / that I’ve just finished Reading.

      6.   g – My best friend, who has known me since I was a child, calls me every day. / My best friend, who calls me every day, has known me since I was a child.

      7.   d – What’s the name of the restaurant where they serve Mexican food?

      8.   h – This is the town where I grew up.

   2 Complete the Sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets 1. I am going to meet...(meet) Rachel at 7 tonight. I can’t wait 2.   Are you ready for the party? …have… all the invitations …been sent… (send)? 3.  When I arrived at the party, most of the guests …had… already ...Left (leave) 4.  We had to move out of our house because it …was being painted… (paint) 5.   You can’t come on the trip unless you …get… (get) permission from your parents3 Rewrite the sentences Using the words in brackets. Do not change the original meaning of the Sentences 1.I had my Hair cut yesterday. 2.This is the hotel where I stayed when I was On holiday3.Angela asked if Wendy liked Tom 4.The neighbours must be on holiday 5.Julia Roberts, who was in my class at school, Is now a famous actress. / Julia Roberts, who is now a famous actress, was in My class at school. 6.We should not have moved out of the city. 7.You Must not park your car here. 8.We Went to a restaurant while our car was being repaired. 4 Complete the Sentences in a logical way. Pay attention to the words in bold. 2.If you want to get around TOWN it’s a goodidea to TAKE A BUS 3.People who are independent don’t like LIVING WITH OTHER PEOPLEbecause THEY DON´T LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT 4You shouldn’t delay YOUR ARRIVAL because THE GUEST WILL GET ANGRY5. People who dislike FOOTBALLshouldn’t GO TO A STADIUM 6.If you want to stay overnight at MY HOUSE shouldn´t  BRING A TOOTHBRUSH 7.Once you have made a decision about GOING TO UNIVERSITY it’s important to STICK TO IT 8.  If you want to find the source of THE PROBLEM, you have to ASK YOUR MUM 9. If you find YOUR JOB  demanding, you must LOOK FOR ANOTHER ONE 10.It is very tough for CHILDREN when THEIR PARENTS GET DIVORCED

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