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1The following Sentences do not make sense. Correct them by replacing each word in bold with a word in bold from a different sentence→ 1I traded the contract yesterday... SIGNED 2Go overseas to some cake... HELP YOURSELF3There was nothing unusual about the performance. It was very satisfying...ORDINARY 4Mike has been to many different countries. He has travelled nearby... WORLDWIDE 5I like to help yourself to remote places... GO OVERSEAS 6The meal was very ordinary. I am full... SATISFYING 7My best friend lives worldwide, so I can walk to her house... NEARBY 8My friends and I signed clothes with each other... TRADED 2 Replace the words in Bold by forming a new word with a prefix. Then add a sentence that reflects the meaning of the first sentence→ 1I think your idea is not possible... I think your idea is impossible. It won't work 2Idon’t like this hotel... I dislike this hotel. It hasn't got any facilities 3If you eat too much, you will not feel well... If you overeat, you will not feel well.  4 I will read the book again... I will reread the book because it is quite interesting 5 That child is not behaving...That child is misbehaving 6This information is not relevant to our situation... This information is irrelevant to our Situation. I don't care... 7Mark gets along very well with the people he works with...Mark gets along well with his co-workers. They always have lunch together. 3 Complete the Sentences with a suitable ending. Use 1-3 words. Pay attention to the words in Bold. 1My plane was delayed, so... I will sleep in  the airport 2 If you are staying overnight, you will Need... Pujamas and a toothbrush 3 The journey was very long, so we were Tired from... Driving too many hours 4 We can’t check in until 3, so we will Have to... Wait in the airport lourge 5 I didn’t like the accommodation because... The beds were uncomfortable. 4 Complete the Sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1 ... HAS David ... ARRIVED (arrive) Yet? 2 The package … WAS SENT …(send) to the wrong Address, so they never received it 3 Dan …HADN´T MET …(not meet) Sue until last night 4 We couldn’t check into the hotel Because our room …HADN´T BEEN CLEANED… (clean) 5 As soon as I …GET…(get) home, I will call You 6 If I had known you were in town, I …WOULD HAVE COME…(come) To visit you 7 Which project …ARE…you …WORKING…(work) On at the moment? 5 Complete the Sentences. Do not change the meaning of the original sentence. 1He has made his decision... His decision has been made 2 It was stormy, so we didn’t go on a hike... If it hadn’t been stormy, we would have gone on a hike3I’m sorry but I can’t help you because I don’t Have time... If I had time, I would help you 4“You should talk to Robert,” said my mother... My mother advised me to talk to Robert 5 “Why Did you cheat in the test?” asked the teacher...My teacher wanted to Know why I had cheated in the test 6 It is forbidden to speak in the library...You mustn’t speak in the library 7 I fell asleep during my sister’s performance...While my sister was performing, I fell asleep 6 Rewrite the sentences Using the words in brackets. Do not change the meaning of the original sentences. 1 The man shouted at the waitress. His soup was cold. (whose)... The man whose soup was cold shouted at the Waitress 2 It wasn’t a good idea to tell the teacher what you thought. (should Not)... You should not have told the teacher what you Thought 3 The mechanic is going to repair My car this afternoon. (having)... I’m having my car repaired this afternoon 4This is the restaurant. I met my wife there. (where)... This is the restaurant where I met my wife 5Rachel started working here in 2009. (since)... Rachel has worked here since 2009.

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