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Board games

Any games which mainly Involve moving markers along a path. Board games can be made by the children as A fun craft activity.

Dice games

Dice games are Incredibly versatile. Remember that the dice need not only have numbers on the Faces. They can have numbers, colours, letters of the alphabet—virtually Anything you like. Dice need not be six-sided either. In speciality shops you Can find 12-sided dice or even round dice with a weighted ball in the middle. Little children might only roll one dice, while older children can play games With three or four dice at the same time. (A dice template is provided); you And your children can also make spinners (See later on).

Drawing games

Drawing games are Special because they span a gap between key functions of the brain. On the one Hand, drawing requires creativity and a sensitivity towards the world. On the Other hand, the children must be able to understand instructions and describe Their art. Drawing games are particularly helpful with shy children who don't Want to talk. A picture is a very personal thing and although children may not Be ready to describe their picture, they will certainly respond to your Questions with yes or no answers.

Guessing games

In guessing games, the Aim is to guess the answer to a question of some kind.

Singing and chanting games

Singing and chanting Games often involve movement, but we decided to list them separately since Music plays such an important role in early childhood learning.

Team games can belong to the other Categories, but also require co­operative team work.

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