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1.What will you do if you have more time? I will visit my doctor.
2.What will happen to the students if they don´t listen to the teacher?
They won´t learn anything.
3.What will you do if you don´t go to school tomorrow? I will buy a present for my mum.
4.What will the teacher do if the weather is good? We will have the lesson outside.
5.What will happen if you don´t win the race? I will eat all day.

1. Will you go sailing or will you lie in the sun if you don´t swim well? I will lie in the sun.
2. Will the students learn a lot or will they waste the time if they don´t listen to the teacher? They will the waste the time.
3. Will Sara be tired or will she feel well when she goes to the party? She will be tired.
4. Will tour friends go on a picnic or will they stay at home if it rains? They will stay at home.
5. Will you get on the plane or will you be at the airport if you don´t find your passport? I will be at the airport.


1. How many beaches are there in benidorm?
2.There aren´t many computers in the computer room.


1. There won´t be many people at the theatre this afternoon.
2. Will there be much homework to do next week? Yes, there will.
3. Will there enough fish at the restaurant?
4. There won´t be crowded beaches at easter.
5. There will be few accidents in 2016.


1. Would your mother like her birthday present?
2. I hope it won´t be rainy tonight.
3. We will arrive in an hour.
4. Will you have a good time on your birthday?
5. We won´t spend much time in Italy.

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