Figures of speech

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Simile -> It Is a comparison between two different Things using the Word “Like or As” To do the comparison. Ex: Your tears are like an ocean.

Metaphor-> It Is an implicit,implied comparison between two things which creates a total Identification. In other words a resemblance of two contradictory or made base On a single or some common characteristics. He drowned in a sea of grief.

Metonymy -> it is figure of speech that replaces the name of a thing with the Name of something else, with which it is closely associated. Ex: Grey hair with Old age, Crown which means power or authority

Symbol:is using an object or action that Means something more than its literal meaning. ex: a new dawn doesn't mean a new day, it signifies a new start.

Synecdoche refers To a thing by the name of one of its parts. Example calling a car “a Wheel” is A synecdoche A part of a car “ A Wheel” stands for the whole car

Personification -> Giving non-living objects living Characteristics.  Ex: A talking mirror

Oxymoron-> It Is a term made of two words that deliberatly imply each other opposite

Ex: “The same difference”, same and diference have Completely opposite meanings.

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