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T.SpontagneousGeneration>The idea that life can appear from inanimate objects is known as it. ·in AncientEgypt they believed that Sun's heat created life ·MiddleAges create recipes to create living things from materials|Then in 17th centuryscientist proved that it wasnt possible. ·in 1668 Redi demostrated that larva found in rontten meat were from fly eggs. ·In19th century Pasteur demostrated that microorganisims didnt come from S.G. And this was finally rejected. OrigiOfLife> ·ChemicalEvolution: is the process which formed the molecules that make up living things and its organization into membranes. 1st The 1st biomolecule appeared that was simple molecule. The first biomolecules accumulated in the seas of the plane, forming a primeval soup2nd then they became more complex from reactions. 3rd Protocells formed. ·BiologicalEvolution:It includes proceses that caused different kinds of cells. 1stPrimitive cells formed 2nddifferent tyoes of prokaryotic cells developed  from these primitive cellls 3rd The appearence of the first eukaryotic cells is explained by the endosymbiosis 4thFrom these early cells all the living organisms were generated. Lamarckism> the theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics says that animals developed organs and structures that they needed to adp to the environment called adaptive force, and these new characteristics were transimed to the descendants so species were modified. This theory isn't accepted by advances un genetics. Darwinism>1All the individuals un a population have physiological , behavioural and anatomical differences.2:the number of individuals in any specie is almost akways the same.3:there is a competition to survive for space and food 4:survival of the fittest,5:each generation there're more favourable variations. This is known as natural selection.  EvidenceOfEvolution>Anatomical: there are homologous organs analogous organs and vetigial organs. FossilE: thaks to it we now that organisms were different than nowdays and we found animals which evolved like the horse.·Embriotic evidence some embryos from different species are similar.·Biogeographical evidence.·Molecular evidence>thanks to the study of molecules found in a living thing reveals the molecular smilarity.

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