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Te film id like review is "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL" which is a 1997 italian comedy-drama film directed by and starring Roberto Benigini.      The film is partially inspired by the book IN THE END, I HEAT Hitler by the Rubino Romano who spent two years in a german labour camp during the WW II. The film is set in italy where a man whose name is is Guido builds a fantasy game to protected his son from life in a Nazi concentration camp.           This film is very emotional . Not only for the little kid but also for the history in the concentarions camps how Guido lives with "hapinnes" so that his child dont be scaried. Too was good for me because I lear a bit like was the life of the people in the second World War and how the wifes and mothers works for their families.          I would recommend anyone to see this film because is very intersting, emotional and change type of think.

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