A film is a story told in pictures

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Frame: it refers to a single image ,it is the minimum unit in firm. The smallest compositional unit if a film´s structure, captured by the camera on a strip of motion picture film. A serie of juxtaposed and shown in rapid succession make up a motion ( or moving) picture.The rectangular area within which the film-maker composes the film image.( a film is what we see) and framing how the frame is composed. The rate in film is 24 per second and 25 frames per video and tv.FPS: present-day films are usual run through a camera or projector at a frame rate of 24fps ;older films, made at 18 fps appear jerky and speed-up when played back at 24fps. Ex: action scenes; over-craking refers to changing the frame rate, thereby producing  slow-motion action when viewed at 24fps.

A shot->take: defined as the fragment of exposed film between the time the camera starts rolling until the moment it stops.The piece filmed between two settings each time you change the camera angle or viewpoint.If the take is not good, we get a re-take. When the shot is filmed, that is a take.Is the smallest unit of narrative film.A scene: an action that takes place at an exact location at a particular time.And it follows a consecution of time and space. A sequence: a complete "chapter" of the story.a scene or connected series of related scenes that are edited together and comprise a single, unified event, setting or story. Also scenes that structurally fit together in the plot.Sequence refers to a longer segment of film.Sequence shot: refers to a long shot, without cuts. The camera follows the action until the shot is over. It is a complicated shot with complex camera movements and actions 

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