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Liberalism: individuals should have freedom to live their lifes as they see fit. It is an idealist ideology, they know what is best for them. Chose whats best for you even though it isnt. Strensgth: Humans do best when allowed to make their own decisions, no one is able to say in certainty what is best for us, only I know what is best for me, humans are fallible. Weakness: Individual freedom may be an illusion since we are not as free as we might like to think. Many people are manipulated by corporate and govt interest. Advertising. Socialism: workers control the means of production and distribute profits acording to need. Critical response to capitalism, tries to solve the unfair situation of the employees. Strenghts: a fair distribution is morally a fair and appealing idea. Recieve according to your needs, its a moral argument. Weakness: Experience shows us that in practice it doesnt work. Humans do better when striving for our own good. A. Smith wrgued that when individuals each persue their own interest, the interest of the whole are akso served by what he called the invisible hand. Conservatism: is about preserving the institutions and social structures that each geneation inherits, not want to see a major reform, change is dangerous, dont want any evolution, making changes gradually. Strength: We should appreciate the cummulative wisdom past generations. The present is the result of centuries of gradual evolution and we bring it down at our peril. Cataluña. Weakness: Institutions and practices aim to preserve often serve the interests of a narrow section of society. Slavery. Institutions in many causes narow e life is served and cant be justified. We live in a changing world. Anarchism: Alternative for the other 3, governed not by rules but by self-restraint, extreme liberalism, any power the state takes diminishes the freedom of individual. Strength; Society is stronger because people will enter into voluntary partnership with each other, a bottom up approach may be more effective+durable. Ex. Spain, abuse power, corrupt. Problem: The vulnerable would suffer, it is based on an extreme form of liberalism, where freedom is more important than anything else. Social contract: Hobbes theory, humans are naturally self interested but that it is rational for them to behave morally in order to maximise this self-interest. War of all againts all.

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