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Medicine nuclear: use small amounts of radioactive materials, called tracers, to help diagnose.
Why PET scans are used? To diagnose cáncer and determine how far the cáncer has spread or how well it's responding to tratment.
How PET scans work? Detecting the radiation given off by the radiotracer.
Preparation PET: - Not eat 6hours beforehand.
                             - Drink is allowed but only wáter.
                             - Avoid exercise 24h before your.
Risks PET: -Radiation risks
                  - Avoid contact with pregnant women, loabies our your childrens.
ARTHROGRAPHY: Radiographic examination of a joint after the injection of a dye.
- What are common uses? Identifly abnormalities associated with the shoulder,wrist,hip,knee..
- Preparation: No specific preparation is required.
Effects: sore joint on the reason for the examination
Risks: -Infection
          - Allergies to the contrast.
PYELOGRAM: Xrays examination of the kydneys,ureters and urinary blodder.
Common uses:- Kidneys stores
                         - Urine infections
                         - Blood in the urine
Preparation: - Blood test to see if you have or not a kidney failure.
                      - Not eat for several hours.
                      - Tell de doctors if you have allergies.
                      - Given some laxatives
                      - If you have diabetes, stop metformina.
How is it done: - Contrast dye is injected into a vein
                          - A serie of x-rays every 5-10minutes
Risks: - Warm feeling
          - Metalic taste in the mouth
          - Allergic reaction
Preparation: - One day before, not eat and only drink wáter. After midnight don't eat or drink anything.
-Take a laxative.

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