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In Macbeth, lack of identity is shown with Macbeth himself. At the beginning of the story Duncan affirms that Macbeth is an honorable man when he says “ So well thy words become thee as thy wounds; They smack of honour both. Go get him surgeons.” ( 7; Act 1, Scene 2) . He becomes the Thane of Cawdor but he wasn’t satisfied with that title, which will lead him to kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth knows Macbeth to well and knows that he won’t kill Duncan. She uses evil spirits to influence Macbeth in his decision to not kill Duncan “ They have made themselves and that their fitness now Does unmake you.” ( 33; Act 1, Scene 7). She influences him by saying that king’s have to earn it and that he doesn’t have that honor. After killing Duncan, Macbeth loses his identity and starts making evil decisions, like killing Banquo, his friend “ O, treachery! Fly, good Fleance, fly, fly, fly! Thou mayst revenge- O slave!” ( 79; Act 3, Scene 3). All these evil acts of Macbeth that came from the influence of Lady Macbeth, made him fail in his mission and stops being an honorable man.

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