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(2.1) On the other hand, A Small Place has “cultural identity”. Cultural identity is the feeling of belonging to a group. As it is portrayed in this book, Jamaica Kincaid, from Antigua shows hatred towards tourists. Kincaid explains throughout the book how the people in Antigua aren’t allowed to go to their own beaches, and other places. All of these things have created importance to a group more than another. Her identity, as she explains in the book, is what the people in Antigua think about the tourists, her believes, and nationality. “ You are a tourist and you have not yet seen a school in Antigua, you have not yet seen the hospital in Antigua, you have not yet seen a public monument in Antigua” ( Kincaid, 3) Hatred is portrayed and cultural identity or in this case discrimination. We as tourist don’t go as evil people, we go to have a vacation and we don’t have the mind to think we are showing the natives we are more than them.

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