Find ut 6 primary 3 rd cycle

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you notice
to haunted
detective develop a theory
feel ainxious
autheribes revealed
find proof
the missing
I wonder
The waves
a shadow

2)smelled, rude, brain, smoke, food poisoning, scented, leads to,awareness, increases, strategy.

3)1) must have thought/ should have taken
shouldn´t have frightened/ culd have had
may not have recived/ might have
could have gotten/ may have found

2)driving, to meet us, listening to, to phone my, finishing the.

get used to read
used to play
get used to walk

4)would hep  Cathy2
hadn´t woken me up3
met your2
were you2
would by2

5)isn´t advertised on TV
was placed in the newspaper last week
will have the food prepared by robots
have their clothes chosen by personal shoppers
be tempted by this advert

6)she said that she would take the rubish out the following day
He asked why they were cutting down all those trees the following week.
Our teacher told to us not dump waste on the beach.
Jean asked if he could use his cara¡ The following day.
They said that they had always avoided using disposable products.

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