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Adaptations of org to environm:evolution of organ so that they are able to survive in a specific envirm.1-To water scarcity:water is scarce in arid zones where there is little rainfall&moisure in the ground.Also in cold zones where its frozen as ice,so they cannot access it easily.2-Temperature changes:physiological funct of living th depend to varying amounts on the external temperat of their environm.Organism diffe biological processes are optimised.If temp are not +hot or cold,the process cannot be carried properly.3-Sunlight: important factor for green plants&algae becaus they need it for photosyntesis,not all species need the same amount of sunlight,animals also adapt to differ amounts of sunlight.4-Varying salt concentration:very import,controls the amount of water that goes in or out called osmosis.Osmotic regulat in bony saltwater fisg:excrete salt through gills&produc small amount of urine.Osmotic regul in freshwater:fish dont drink&eliminated the water by expelling large amount of urine.5Lack of oxygen:at high altitudes-oxygen in atmosphere,cause problems to land animals,they body adapt.6-Lack of food:have adapted to survive by:storing energy reserves in their body,storing food in hidden places,migrating to find food.

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