Find ut 6 primary 3 rd cycle

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Wilson cycle: Wegener suggested that there have been 2 cyclical processes of rifting&reuniting of supercontinents during Earth's history.-Continental rifting:the rift has caused depressions,which has resulted in the formation of deep lakes at the bottom of the valley.-Extension of the ocean basin:1-A dome forms:the heat under the continent causes the crust to expand and lift up. 2-Continental rift stage:large fractures appear which make the lithosphere thinner&lead to the formation of a continental rift.3-Narrow sea stage:continents has completely split&separated.4-Maturing ocean stage:the divergence continues&the formation of oceanic lithosphere due to sea-floor spreading increases.-Closing of the ocean basin:the oceanic lithosphere becomes progressively older the further it is from the ride.-Continental collision:5-Shriking ocean stage the ocean begins to close because of subduction on its boundaries. 6-Convergence stage:the ocean has almost closed 7-Continental collision stage:the boundaries of both contine.&the sediment trapped betw.Them are deformed. 8-Final satage:contin.Masses are joined together&a mountain range is formed from the collision of the contin.

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