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Expected to help put out tables and chairs this afternoon. We hope the evening will be as successful as last year’s, when a lot of money was raised by the parents for the new computer room 11-This morning laptops on the train. –My computer hard drive –Put the memory USB port –I’m sorry, the webcam isn’t working.–My computer screen me headaches. 12- downloaded –surf –online –broadband –screen engine -13 -I’ve tried sending this email several times, but it keeps bouncing back.-Unfortunately, I deleted your last email by mistake-Can you forward this email to all your friends?-I don’t usually check my email more than once a day.-I typed in the wrong email address and it went to the wrong person. I was very embarrassed! 14I was asked to give a talk about global warming.-Meat is not often eaten in our family.-Your computer should be protected against viruses.-Mike has been arrested for stealing.///This week has come already my new computer and is fantastic. The best thing of him is that you can download games and play, take photos, absolutely of everything, is like a mobile! His design is very thin, of white color and with a keyboard from A to Z. When it is done by night you can put an option in which if you do not see well the keyboard you can illuminate it, is incredible! Comparing quite these new characteristics with the previous sound amazing! To others the previous computer was not having a wireless connection of Bluetooth where you can share photos, music without any cable of for way sending it to your mobile, Tablet, or others. My new computer has a current operating system actually and contains a lot of memory of storage //aid:ayuda axe: despedir/cancelar ban:prohibicion blast: explosion blaze: fogata/fuego clash: choque hit: pegar plea:solicitud pledge:promesa wed:casarse spark:chispa riddle:adivinanza

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Flash drive