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Teenagers Use technological things at all times because it makes life easier For them and is a way to learn new things. To start with, most Teenagers or young people using internet for  search information Or chat  through  social networking sites to develop their Knowledge in a way of meeting people, as an example we have facebook Or twitter which lets communicating people around the world.As Opposed to this, internet can be an addiction for young people Because some of them cannot control themselves and it can be a big Problem in their lives. Moreover, they can have problems with their Personal life because  they  are losing a lot of things for Spend too much time on the computer. In conclusion, i agree With people who use computers and internet but they have to use for The best way.

In The last years, technology’s breakthroughs have come Up so quickly that we rarely have hardly been Able to take ourselves in them, but young people are different And the youngest ones have understood these new forms of Communication the Fastestvery Fast.

They Can spend hours on their computers and, moreover, When they are not at home, they can walk on the street while Typing in on their Phones. It could Be amazing or scary depending on the beholder (better Option: On their phones, which could be amazing…)

For Them, it’s terrific how quickly they are able to connect with their Friends, to be always in touch with them, to hear their latest news At the same moment they are taking place.

In My opinion, they seem to have lost the Art of making conversation. It’s difficult for Them to speak with other people for a long time or Even to express themselves because they tend to explain Ideas and feelings using emoticons. On the one hand, they have Got used toresume summarizing what They think about something in just a few words so that they don’t Need to type a lot. On the other hand, they have forgotten How to express that in a more formal way.

In Addition, it also affects to its their writing also. They tend to write some words using just a few letters in order To occupy less time and sometimes they can’t remember how To write these words properly.

In My opinion, the Internet can become an addiction and We have to teach our kids how to use it properly In order to get the most of their Advantages without suffering their its disadvantages.

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