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My next holiday.Next Summer I'm visiting China with 4 friends, for fifteen days. There, we are going Sightseeing in four cities, Beijing, Xian, Lijang and Shangai. We are having to Stop off in Madrid and Munich.

The flight will be good, it'll be on time, I hope so. Also I hope that we Aren't going to have any problem at the customs, because the customs agents are Very serious in China.
It'll be sunny, but it could be
rainysome days. In Beijing we are staying in a Four-star hotel, named Red Star. Itisnear the Forbidden City. The people say that the hotel Workers are unfriendly, and theydon'tspeak English very well so I speak worse Than them.
A friend
toldme that the Chinese eat sitting upon their Own feet below their doors, they play on the pavement with their strange games, And even we'll see people vault in underpants (getting a fresh air) on the Floor in front of their house!
Also, we'll see children who are washing
upwith their mothers in the middle of the Alley. The mechanics work on the pavement with their tools in front of their Business and we'll have to be careful not to step on them! It's a different Culture!
I hope that this travel will be amazing!

OBESIDAD.present obesity is a serious problem, peoplewho Are obese generally do nothing of sport and we don´t eat healthy food, they have more possibilities of Having a heart disease than other people. In my opinion I think that these People have to change their form of life..Firstly, these people have to change Their eating habits, they should not eat junk food because This food has Got lot of fat, they could have a balanced diet for example have to eat Vegetables and fruits..Moreover the best the form to combat obesity is to do a Lot of sports..In conclusion, today obesity is a serious problem for many People, but they can change only have to change their lifestyle

at present The persons have got a healthy life the most important thing you have to do is Have a  balanced diet. 

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