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1: would go/will have to/wish I hadn't been/unless you clean up/ had/wish my brother would spent/would still have/ only my english wasn't.  2: 1-I told you to go to the supermarket. 2-He remincted me no to forget my passport. 3-My dad suggested that we got a takeway for dinner. 4-Megan told me not to call her. 5-He encouraged me to apply for the job. 6-The interviever invited us to sit down. 7-He asked me to keep it a secret. 8-My brother persuaded me to make him a sandwich.

3: 1-Alex said that he had booked a flight to India. 2-The house had been broken into. 3-You mustn't use mobile phones in the library. 4-Kate clained; I have been studying hard today. 5-The police have arrested two women for stealing shoes. 4: 1- If we had bought tickets, we would have gone to the concert. 2- I had my project checked by a friend. 3-I was asked by a researcher for help with the project. 4- We're been studing people's DNA since 2005. 5-Jack apologized for not calling me the day before. 5: gold/nothing/word/no/work/harm 6: D/C/B/D/A 7: To spill/ having/ to leave/ having 8: to/to/about/to/in/to 9: to/from/on/to/with/in

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