Flight Planning

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vocabulario pilot - piloto, tour guide- guía turístico,flight attendant- auxiliar de vuelo, tourist information officer- oficial de información turística, travel agent- agente de viajes, receptionist- recepcionista, waiter- camarero, resort rep- representante del resort, chef- cocinero, porter- portero, hotel manager- manager del hotel, airline check in clerk- empleado de facturación de la aerolínea. industry sectors tourist attractions: places that tourists want to visit. Transport: ways of travelling between different places, such as trains and airplanes. Accomodation and catering: places to stay, such as hotels, and the food and services that are provided there. Tour operators: people or companies that organize and assemble the different parts of a holiday tour. Retail: people or companies that sell the holiday or tour to the consumer. Public sector tourism: government organizations that promote and develop tourism. present simple; el he/she/ it va con el verbo y una s al final. present continious: ejemplo: he is playing. Verbo + ing. Negativos: p.S: dont doesnt can cant. P.C: are not. Preguntas p.S: does she work? P.C: are you working.

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