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At current exchange rates: the rate at which the money of one country can be changed for the money of another country can be changed for the money of another country at the present time

Award a contract: to have a formal agreement with a company for them to provide a service or do a job

Commission: to ask someone to do a particular piece of work for you

Course of action: the way something happens, or a way of doing something

Cross-fertilisation of ideas: the mixing of the ideas of different places or groups of people

Cutting edge technology: the practical, especially industrial, use of all the latest scientific discoveries.

Divisional head: a person who is in charge of one part of a large organisation

Enjoy a reputation: to have an advantage because people have a good opinión of someone or something

Entity: something in which exists apart from other things, having its own independent existence

Get down to: to star to direct your efforts and attention towards something

Get onto: to speak or write to a person or organisation because you want them to help you in some way

Ground-breaking: new and likely to have an effect on how things are done in the future

Head up: to lead or manage a team, department, organisation, etc.

Infrastructure: the basic systems that are needed to support economy

Interested party: organization who may be affected by a situation, or who are hoping to make money out of a situation

Lease: an agreement top ay money in order to use land, a building, a vehicle or a piece of equipmet for a particular periodo f time

On a world scale: used to measure or compare the level of something around the world

Purpose-built facility: a área that is desing and built for a particular use

R&D facility: a área for reaserach and development, the part of an organisation that works to improve its products and develop new ones

Rank highest: have a position that is higher than others, or to be considered to have such a position

Run a growing operation: to be in control of or manage a business organisation that is getting bigger

Step across the threshold: a formal way to say for go into a building or room

Tax question: a sentence or phrase used to find out information about money paid to the government

Too many strings attached: If something such as an agreement has too many strings attached, it involves too large a number of special demands or limits.

Viable alternative: something that is different from something else, especially from what is usual, but is able to be done or likely to succeed


Advance their career: Do things that help them to progress to become sucessful

Brainstorm: to suggest a loto f new ideas very quickly, in a group, to considering them more carefully later

Breakdown of costs: division of how money needs to be spent

Credible: able to be believed or trusted

Demand: a need for godos or services that customers want to buy

Dry up: to stop being able to talk in the normal way

Feel free: if someone tells you to feel free of do something is that you can do it if you want to

Finding: information or a fact that is discovered by studyin something

Handout: a document with information that is given to people at a meeting

Mannerism: something that a person does repeatedly with their face, handas or voice, and wich they doesn´t realice they ar doing

Outline a requirement: to give the main facts about something that you need

Potential return: the amount of profit made by an investment or a business activity that will sucess in the future

Prompt: words that help people to remember what they are going to say

Reduce anxiety: make unconfortable feelings of nervousness smaller in degree

Rehearse: to practice a play, a piece of music, etc. In order to prepare it for public performance

Sound investment: when you put money, effort, time. In something to make a profit in a way that shows good judgement


Avoid pitfalls: to prevent mistakes or problems in a situation

Build team spirit: to think or act loyalty to your team

Cash in on: get money or another advantage from an event or situation

Check-in: show your ticket at the airport you can be told where you will be sitting and so that your bags can be put on the aircraft

Flight status: the situation at the present time about when an aircraft that is making a particular journey

Get off to a dreadful start: to begin an activity badly

Loyalty programme: a scheme rewarding customers

Review: a report that contains important information about an activity

Search engine: a computer program that finds information on the internet

Social Network: a website that allows users to post messages

Working hours: The amount of time someone spends at work during a day

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