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investment.-By 1954, he had stabilized the economy.-He tried to enhance his moral and ideological

appeal -He also attacked the church-In 1955, the military started a revolt and Peron fled into exile.-

Peron did not solve the country’s major economic problems: 1) The main roadblocks remained 2)

Transportation was still inadequate 3) Electric power was scarce 4) The nation’s industry remained

limited 5) The latifundio still held onto the land

Mexican Politics and Economy: Dictatorship under Diaz. General Porfirio Diaz seized power in

1876.AHaving installed himself as president, diaz paid his respects to the principle of no reelection

by allowing a trusted crony, general Manuel Gonzalez, to succeed him in 1880.B Diaz returned to

the presidential palace in 1884 and continued to occupy it until his resignation and flight from

Mexico in 1911.C Porfiriato was one of the longest personal dictatorships in Latin American

history.D1880 diaz had granted even more lavish subsidies for railway construction to North

American companies.E Economic development was Diaz objective, key to the solutions of his

problems and the nation’s.F Diaz promoted a policy of conciliation, described by the formula pan o

palo ( offering an olive branch and share of spoils to all influential opponents).GThe Elections to

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